About Us

We leverage technology to help our clients manage their outgrower schemes and commodities trade more effectively. We improve efficiency, provide visibility and transparency into outgrowers and commodities sourcing activities.


Manages agricultural outgrower sourcing activities by tracking inputs, planting and harvest.


For facilitating commodities trade & brokerage to a network of buyers or offtakers..

Trade Finance

We enable LPO Financing for agro commodities merchants who source commodities from our sourcing network.

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What We Offer

An easy to use web and mobile platform to monitor and track all outgrower schemes and aggregators activities from pre-production to harvest and eventual trade

Near Real-Time Visibility

We empower your field agents to digitally capture tasks and activities real-time.

Data Management

View and audit all farmer, field staff and farm-lot data anytime while eliminating cumbersome paper based processes.

Trade Finance

LPO Financing for agro commodities traders

Commodities Trade

We facilitate commodities trade to a network of buyers/offtakers.

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